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Freediving is much more than a sport. It is a life discipline that strengthens your mind, body and spirit. It is shared by a community, yet unique to one. It is a personal journey of connection to the ocean and endless new experiences, all on a single breath.

“Scuba divers dive to look around. Freedivers dive to look within.” – Umberto Pelizzari


At Zen Freediving we share our passion for freediving through courses, trips, training and events and seek to build a community of freediving enthusiasts in Singapore and around the world.

Our approach to teaching freediving is based on relaxation and internal awareness in a safe and fun environment, dispelling the perception of freediving as an "extreme" sport. We teach beginners to advanced students, and cater to each student's individual ability and personal objectives, whether recreational or competitive. In each course, you will delve into the physics, psychology and physiology of freediving. 

We were the first freediving school in Singapore to offer freediving courses in local waters. The visibility may be limited, but there is local marine life to be discovered in our fair city state by those with the patience to explore! 

As freedivers, we believe in taking care of the ocean that brings us so much enjoyment and do our part by promoting sustainability and supporting marine conservation efforts. 



  • Over 10 Years of Freediving Experience
  • Winner of the SG Pool Freediving Open 2015, Second place in the Australian National Depth Championship 2015
  • AIDA Instructor


  • 13-time Singapore national woman's freediving record holder
  • Andaman Freediving Challenge 2012, 3rd place female, 1st in pool competition
  • Brisbane Freediving Open 2012, 1st place female
  • MDC Poolmaster Challenge 2015, 4th place female    
  • Pan Pacific Freediving Championships, 3rd place female
  • Specialises in competitive freediving coaching
  • Over 4 Years of Freediving Experience
  • AIDA Instructor and Judge







  • From New Zealand, 25 years in Scuba Industry  as a Master Scuba Instructor owning a PADI 5 Star IDC store
  • Since 1999 involved in Freediving  as competitor (still do occasionally) on to coaching, administration, teaching / Instructor  and AIDA International Judge
Had the best time learning about free diving and it’s practices with Chris and Michelle, they are wonderful and dedicated instructors, very knowledgable and comfortable to learn from! Exactly what I’ve been looking for in a free diving instructor, if you have any reservations or fear, don’t fret, they understand and are very accommodating! What a pleasure to learn from such wonderful people!
— Yeong Yao Yi
Really enjoy the learning & training process with Zen. Fresh, fun, super friendly but professional at the same time!
— Susan Stephanie
The day on the water with Chris and his partner was amazing. Chris is a fantastic instructor, really puts you at ease and explains everything methodologically and christal clear. The experience in the water was very inspiring. Freediving is so much more then just a form of competition in the water. The mental and spiritual sides of the challenge in the water is a huge part of it, and Chris does an amazing job in showing those aspectes of free-diving.
— Beerd B
Chris and michelle were excellent and patient instructors. The AIDA 2 course was well organised and safely conducted.
— Alexander Yap




Photo Credits: Kohei Ueno