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Fundamentals of Freediving (Molchanovs Wave 1)

  • Probably the most rewarding and challenging course which covers the core fundamentals of freediving.

  • A great starting point for people who are already very comfortable in the water. For example, you may want to consider this course if you are an experienced scuba diver.

  • You will learn the physiology behind freediving in greater depth. You will also be introduced to the various disciplines of competitive freediving with the aim of honing your technique and relaxation. It will also cover freediving safety and rescue procedures.

  • You will begin your learning through online content featuring the best freedivers in the world, covering the physiology, equipment, disciplines and safety of freediving along with depth and pressure.

  • During the practical pool session, there will be a short knowledge review with your instructor to iron out any queries you have, followed by pool disciplines of static and dynamic disciplines, including safety.

  • The second day of the course we will travelling to Lazarus Island to have an open water session, where we will be practicing depth and equalization. On the successful completion of the course, you will receive an Molchanovs Wave 1 certification.

  • The cost is $580 per person. This includes a day cruise to and from Lazarus Island where we conduct the open water session on our private boat (the boat has fresh water showers, cold drinks and air conditioning available for hot days), rental of equipment (mask, snorkel and freediving fins), as well as one complimentary pool training session (to be used within one month of completing the course).

Later Event: October 13
Saturday Training



Photo Credits: Kohei Ueno