Zen Freediving

Singapore's Top Rated Freediving School & Community


Freediving is much more than a sport, it is a mind-body discipline. If you put in the work, it will give you a strong body and a clear, balanced mind. 

Training is how we incorporate freediving into our day to day lives, just like it is for any other discipline. Without training, even the best freedivers will regress in a matter of months. 

Our Training Sessions are open to anyone who has taken a course with us or has a minimum of an AIDA 1 (or in the case of Pool Trainings, AIDA1 Pool) or equivalent certification. 

If you don't have an AIDA 1 or equivalent certification yet, register for one of our courses and become a Zenner to join our community of Freedivers! Contact us at info@zenfreediving.org for more information!



Whether you want to push your depth limit to the next level or come out with us to the open waters for a meditative open water freediving session, our open water trainings are easy and convenient!

We take our boat to a variety of spots in where we get between 22m to 50m of depth, depending on tide, current and weather conditions. Enjoy a relaxing ride, fresh water showers, cold drinks and even air conditioning on hot days on a comfortable cruiser (no public ferries or diesel fumes from launch boats here!).

Open Water Trainings cost between $60 and $130 per session depending on the number of dives and the depth of water.


In our pool trainings, we seek to improve your freediving capability through variety of structured sets. We always have a specific focus, whether static, CO2 and O2 sets, long dives, sprints, equalization practice or a combination of the above. Come out and challenge yourself!

Whether you intend to take on the next local freediving competition, set a new national depth record, or simply training up for your next freediving trip, our training programs will work for you.

We conduct our weekly evening trainings on Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 9 pm, and Saturday afternoon or Sunday mornings at the CCAB Swimming Complex on Evans Road. It features a 50m Olympic length pool with a 4m of depth - handy for those who want to work on their equalization. 

Our pool trainings go for $25 per session or $200 for a 10-session package (to be used within six months).



Photo Credits: Kohei Ueno